Who checks your Facebook after 5pm?

Who checks your Facebook after 5pm?

Do you worry over the weekend when you log out on Friday at 5pm and walk out of the office knowing that your organisation’s Facebook page is being ‘unwatched’ for 48 hours? At this time of the year is your office closed for a few extra days leaving you to worry a bit more about what is happening online?

Like many organisations we set up a Facebook page with the simple plan to use it as a place to have conversations. It’s a place where people can talk to us and we will talk back. A few months ago we held a question and answer session on Facebook that saw us talk to lots of people about Welfare Reform. It opened a lot of eyes in my office about how we can talk to people in this new way.

But the one thing we haven’t cracked is what happens outside normal office hours.

This is the message that we are using over the next week on our Facebook page. We are using Hootsuite to post this message every couple of days. Have you done something similar?

“We love getting your comments and questions on Facebook but just remember that over Christmas it won’t be checked as regularly as during a normal week. If you have any emergencies please call us on 0800 111 43 43. Have a great Christmas and New Year. (sorry, this is an auto-timed message that will appear a few times over the next week)”

We try and discourage people from telling us about repairs as our Facebook isn’t part of the helpdesk team. This is something that we want to improve in 2013 and see how we can work closer together on social media  Our brilliant 24 hours a day repairs service is at the end of a phone call and the expert staff can get info and ask questions to make sure things are logged and followed up. But on occasions people do send us a private message or post on the wall about a repair. I worry about someone posting at 7pm on a Friday “I’ve got a leak in my kitchen roof” and it not being picked up until Monday morning.The ‘about’ info on our Facebook page says

We enjoy getting comments on this page and always try to reply. But remember this page is not constantly monitored so it’s always best to call us on 0800 111 42 42 or 01633 620 111 if you need a quick answer to a question.If you have any repairs you should call us on 0800 111 43 43 so it can be recorded against your home. Please do not report repairs on this page as our staff will need specific information about the problem including your home address and we don’t want you sharing those details on Facebook.We will delete any comments that use swear words, abusive language or identify staff or residents. There may be other cases where your comment has to be deleted. If we remove your comment we will try and to send you a message through Facebook to let you know.

But when was the last time you read the ‘about’ info on a Facebook page? Noone reads this info and from my experience even when we reply to people saying: “No problem, thanks for this. I’ll share with the repairs team and get them to cal you. Don’t forget that it’s always best to give us quick call with urgent queries as this Facebook isn’t monitored all day. When we speak to you we can get all the extra info we need to make sure we sort out the problem. Cheers.”

I use Facebook and simply plan to log into the page a few times over Christmas just to have a nose.

Photo credit- Taken by Vicky Sedgwick and shared on Flickr under a creative commons licence. The photo link is here.


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