A mate’s Facebook status offends you. What do you do?

This happened to me this week and I didn’t do anything. I just clicked out of the app on my phone.

Since then I’ve had a funny feeling that I should have stood up for what I believe in and got involved in the debate.

I trust my belly and it’s telling me I should have done something. But what do you do with a mate on Facebook?

1. Get involved online? – I read somewhere that you shouldn’t start a conversation online that you’re not prepared to finish. His status had attracted a handful of likes and comments by the time I read it. I could tell it was going to run and run and I wasn’t planning on spending the day replying to any follow up comments..

2. Delete my mate as a friend?- This guy is a mate. Someone I actually know now and not from 25 years ago. I was a bit surprised at his views to be honest.

3.  Challenge him in person?- This is the most likely thing to happen. I don’t want to go into detail about what he said online for obvious reasons. The topic he wrote about is debated in papers and pubs across the country every day of the week. He chose to do it online which wasn’t a place I felt happy to talk. So will put it in the back of the mind  to chat to him about when we meet.

4. Delete your Facebook account?- This is my close second to number 3 on the list. I still enjoy Facebook and the small details of what your mates are up to make me smile. But there are occasional shares, likes and comments that you just don’t want to see…

These below have been added
after I posted this blog for the first time.

5. Forget about it and don’t let it bother you– This was suggested by @GrumpyWelshSod

6. You could also ask Facebook to develop a dislike button. This was suggested by @ena_lloyd


6 thoughts on “A mate’s Facebook status offends you. What do you do?

    1. Ben Black Post author

      Sorry for being so slow replying Julie! I do in public to a point. But on Facebook will often turn away. I’ve just seen people get into rows in front of 100s of other ‘friends’ which ain’t pretty. Cheers

  1. acedigitalcomms

    I think your approach to deal with it offline is very wise – it’s so hard to remain cool when the debate is at odds with your beliefs.
    I think it’s possible that some people know full well they’re being provocative – when I’ve got involved in those kind of ‘debates’ I’ve been pretty sure that I got in a flap or even got upset while the ‘offender’ sat back and wasn’t too bothered. Or worse, told me that my desire for people not to be massive bigots makes me oversensitive & unable to have a laugh. I love a laugh me, but not really at someone else’s expense.
    Anyway, good luck with tackling it when you meet, I’m sure your friend will be embarrassed he made you and maybe others feel uncomfortable.

    1. Ben Black Post author

      Sorry for slow reply mate. I’m useless! I looked back and someone who was actually affected his comments got involved and he did take a few words back..well sort of. So Facebook does police itself in many ways. I’ll let you know what it was all about the next time I see you. Cheers

  2. mark

    If it’s really offensive (e.g. bullying, racism, hate speech etc) you could just report it using “Report story or Spam” -> “If this story is abusive, please file a report” feature of Facebook. If it’s just something you don’t agree with, either disagree or do not disagree. But remember, nothing ever gets resolved in facebook debates. So make your point, but don’t get drawn into an argument or feel the need to keep repeating the same opposing views over and over — this just gets tedious.

    1. Ben Black Post author

      Cheers, Sorry for the slow reply. I agree on the really offensive comments. This particular one didn’t fall into that category but still offended one of my strong values. Nothing gets solved on Facebook is so true. I’ve seen some crazy debates go on for days over 100s of comments. Bonkers. Cheers again Mark


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