How a Facebook page helps my #hyperlocal blog Cwmbran Life #OiConf13

The Cwmbran Life Facebook page has given my WordPress blog a new lease of life and helped me pick up some quirky stories. The Cwmbran Life blog was set up in August 2011 but I only set up a Facebook page in January.

Forget the stories you read about Facebook use declining. Statistics are meaningless when you can see results (also called red Facebook notifications), in front of your eyes.

It’s helped me think differently about content as a hyperlocal blogger. I love using WordPress  but on times the short and snappy updates I want to share seem a bit out of place.

You get to try writing in a different tone of voice on Facebook and be human. I’m friendly and informal and sometimes a WordPress post left me feeling a bit removed from the quirky stories I was picking up.

Mark Schaefer said at yesterday’s OiConf event in Cardiff that content has to “meaningful, targeted and authentic”.

Facebook has really made me feel like I’m helping people. Everything I post is about the town so it’s definitely targeted and as for authentic well if I was brave enough to have a tattoo it would feature the word Cwmbran.

Here are some examples of how I’ve used Facebook :

Robbie Kennedy appeared on Britain’s Got Talent and this simple photo and caption got shared 76 times. He didn’t win it but certainly hit the spot with a lot of people helping to share the fact the town was so proud of him.

Vote for Robbie Kennedy

Vote for Robbie Kennedy

Any videos I’ve done have had to be uploaded to YouTube and then embedded in post. This is fine but sometimes you get a spark of an idea that you just want to share quickly. I was walking around Cwmbran Boating Lake and remembered how as a kid I used to jump over the channel between the small ponds.

I thought ‘can I do it as a 36 year-old?’. The answer was yes and click here to watch the death defying leap 🙂. This went a bit crazy and got  762 likes and a reach of just under 40,000.

Boating Lake leap

Boating Lake leap

This question posted on Facebook helped me track down my singing postman. There can’t be too many of them in Cwmbran and judging by the comments other people like to hear him as well. I now need to persuade him to be interviewed.

Cwmbran's singing postman

Cwmbran’s singing postman

For as long as I can remember this has been known as the ‘mushroom house’. A few days ago I  grabbed this quick photo that led to loads of comments and over 250 likes. Next plan is to interview the person who trims it.

The Mushroom Tree

The Mushroom Tree

This quirky job in Cwmbran has come up on Facebook. I posted one hour ago that anyone who is interested can contact me if they want to talk about social media and already one person has sent a message.

Social media job in Cwmbran

Social media job in Cwmbran

Cwmbran Community Council said on Facebook they were looking for ‘seven more likes to reach 100 and the 100th person would get a Cwmbran goodie bag’. A quick share on the Cwmbran Life Facebook page saw them reach 100 in under five minutes.

Help Cwmbran Community Council

Help Cwmbran Community Council

I love Cwmbran. I love Facebook. It’s a good mix.

Do you use Facebook as part of your hyperlocal blog? Do you find it useful? 


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