About me

Ben Black

My 9 to 5 job is communications manager for Bron Afon Community Housing. Outside work I run a hyperlocal blog called Cwmbran Life.

Ben Black Blogs is a mix of those two important things in my life, work and Cwmbran Life. Both allow me to meet lots of interesting people and learn new things.

Communications means something different to everyone. To me it is about conversations around simple stories. That is easier said than done.

When I say conversations that can mean anything from sending a tweet, putting up a poster, taking part in a residents’ meeting or chatting to someone you have never met before in a pub.

When I say simple I mean that the conversation is understood by everyone involved. But again that is easier said than done.

Some of the stories I share will be around my day job and some will be about the things I learn through Cwmbran Life. Some may be about random things like how I once persuaded a stranger on the London Underground to appear on Cwmbran Life in just eight minutes before she got off at her stop.

I enjoy using a few social media channels including:

Audioboo– http://audioboo.fm/benblack

Cwmbran Life blog on WordPress

Twitter– https://twitter.com/BenBlack

You Tube– http://www.youtube.com/welshbendu

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