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“Strong messages.Strong campaigns”.Advice from Peter Carroll who led the Gurkha justice campaign #nhfcomms13

Gordon Brown told Peter Carroll and Joanna Lumley: “It has been a great campaign. I’m going to give you what you want.”

This was the culmination of the Gurkha Justice Campaign to change the rules so any ex-Gurkha who has served over four years in the British Army would be allowed to settle in the UK.

At yesterday’s National Housing Federation Communications and Marketing conference Peter was the top speaker of the day. In 30 minutes he shared his advice for running a campaign. Here are some of his soundbites.

“Campaign are driven and born in emotion because we want to get that buzz in the end.”

“Campaigning for column inches is fine but campaigning to change lives is better.”

“It matters what you are doing. If you always keep that in your heart and mind you will get that buzz that you have made a difference.”

“At the heart of every campaign, small or big , there has got to be belief you can win.”

“Joanna Lumley is going to be on College Green at 4pm and she is really angry.” This was the simple one-sentence press release he sent to the Press Association.

“Don’t strangle a campaign with committees. Go with the moment. It should be small, loose and highly reactive.

“It was exhilarating. It was thrilling. There are 60,000 people whose lives are better because of the campaign.”