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Lego using a girl to advertise in 1981 with a girl and Morrisons putting Lego in its ‘boys’ toys’ section’ in 2013

This isn’t a post with a well thought out start, middle and end. It’s just something that has bugged me since seeing this photo above yesterday. It was tweeted by Jake Wallis Simons and shows a Lego advert using a girl in 1981.

My six-year-old daughter loves Lego but even she was put out when we looked up and spotted this sign in Morrisons in Cwmbran this afternoon.

The 'boys' toys' section in Cwmbran Morrisons

The ‘boys’ toys’ section in Cwmbran Morrisons

A ‘boys’ toy’ section in supermarket? I’ve shopped here before and looked at the toys but had not noticed this sign. Of course as a parent you spot the dolls and the footballs in a toy aisle but just let your kids choose what they want. A big sign hanging down off the ceiling telling shoppers ‘this is just for boys’ is a bit annoying.

Advertisers will probably talk about targeting specific customers to maximise profit.

My daughter said it was ‘really annoying’.

As I pushed the trolley around the shop I told her the best thing she could do is spend her pocket money on Lego in another shop. She replied ‘nah. I still want to buy stuff’. So my attempt at getting her to protest with her money failed. She didn’t buy anything today by the way. I’ll see if the Lego section in WHSmiths can tempt her next time we are in town.

I tweeted Morrisons the photo and this is the reply.